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Hurricane Maria turned out to be the most damaging natural disaster in Puerto RIco's recorded history. An estimated 460 million trees were destroyed. Vast parts of the local infrastructure were damaged or obliterated. Govardhan Gardens as it used to be does not exist anymore: while house and cottages received practically no damage; most of the farm's vegetation is either damaged or completely destroyed. The entire nursery area was flattened. There is so much devastation at the moment, that it will take a total of 15-18 months just to clean up the farm again, and much longer to re-plant it. The time, energy and resources required to do that were completely out of my reach. Fortunately, some generous souls came to the rescue and a good part of the funds required to save the farm have been raised by April 2018.

After having been without electricity for over 5 months, it finally came back at the end of February. The phone lines will remain down for several more months. The water supply was flaky for the first 5 months but is more stable now. Due to these circumstances, I will only be able to receive very few visitors, and I won't be able to process any nursery orders for some time.

If you want to support the project in any way, you can send donations via Paypal to: sadhuoroverde@gmail.com  Please make sure to declare any payment as "Hurricane Relief Donation! Thank you!

For anyone who wants to donate goods, the most important item at the moment are chains for the chainsaw (Stihl MS 290, FarmBoss, 20" blade). Chains are currently sold out in PR but we will have to go through approx. 90 chains until the end of 2018.

Here a link of the chains required:

The updates of the fundraising effort and he acknowledgement of all donors can be found here:

Thank you all for your understanding and support!


Govardhan Gardens, 
located close by Mayaguez (Puerto Rico)
is an eco project and a high quality tropical 
rare fruit tree, seed & bamboo nursery.

Its goal is to inspire a natural life style,
care for the earth and environment,
as well as to encourage independent 
living and thought,
grassroots social cooperation,
and meaningful, self-sufficiency oriented lifestyles
outside the grid of a media/consumer-created culture.


  • 10.5 acres of land: environmentally sound 
    and sustainable eco-organic cultivation.

  • No chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides etc. 
    ever used on the farm or in the nursery.

  • Private seed-bank of numerous culinary and medicinal 
    herbs and other tropical crops.

  • Arboretum areas provide conservation space 
    for important trees from the tropics.

  • Eco-organic herb, spice and vegetable cultivation.

  • Tropical bamboo nursery and collection.  




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(This mailing list is for those interested in workshops about
bamboo, eco-farming, goats, sustainability or tropical fruits).






Book: Oro Verde

    - Securing the    Furture of Our    Food, www.organicfarm.net

- Securing the Future of our Food"

Price: $10
Contact the author for order:

ORO VERDE - Securing the Future of our Food:

A revolutionary book for small scale farmers in the tropics: 300 pages, covering over 100 tropical crops and agricultural philosophy.

Oro Verde is a powerful manifesto with viable solutions for tropical gardeners,  farmers, activists and conscious people in general.

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Sadhu Govardhan is an independent thinker, eco-organic farmer, tropical rare fruit connoisseur and agricultural consultant. Extensive journeys for over twenty years have allowed him to study indigenous cultures and different life styles throughout the world.

His first publications on philosophical and spiritual topics were published in Europe and translated into several languages.

He now lives in Puerto Rico and has dedicated himself to researching and growing tropical food crops and promoting alternative farming methods.

As a consultant in tropical sustainable agriculture, he has inspired countless projects in the Caribbean and beyond. He specializes in land evaluations and highly diversified eco designs.

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articles by Sadhu  

I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped out this project over the years. Even if I can't acknowledge all of you individually since so many people have supported Govardhan Gardens in so many ways, I certainly remember every one of you. 

If you would like to find out more about the tree sponsoring program and other opportunities to help the project, click here

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This revamped page is Govardhan Garden's new "eco library". You can find videos, links, articles and other media about relevant environmental topics. 

Please contact me if you know of any additional good links that you think should be a part of this library. Thank you.

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